Yamaha Technical Academy

UPDATE: 24 November, 2014

Yamaha Technical Academy or YTA for short was inaugurated on the 11th of Nov 2006 to ensure all authorized dealers and mechanics representing the Yamaha Brand is full trained and updated with the latest in Marine Engine Technology.

Minh Long Marine conducts regular YTA Courses yearly and All technicians in Minh Long Marine are trained and certified by YTA.



Participants will be exposed to different Courses tailored to different skill levels. Therefore YTA is effective for training mechanics from all kinds of skill background.

All Participants are also exposed to Good Servicing and maintenance habits, Data Gathering, Troubleshooting both in the practical and theoretical manner.

YTA also keeps participants updated with the latest technology and provides them a chance to meet, learn and share about the problems, and experiences in other regions.




All instructors are trained by Yamaha Motor Japan, and regularly receive training, making sure that they are up to date with any new technologies.


For more information about Yamaha Technical Academy, please contact Minh Long and we will be very interested to discuss how YTA can benefit your company.